Why I Travel

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As a means of introducing the magazine, we both thought it would be a good idea to highlight our reasons for travelling, some shared, some individual.

As we’re taking on this writing project together it seemed apt to justify what will at times appear to be a clash of styles.

We travel together and it works nicely, and despite generally agreeing on the appeals of travelling and the nomadic lifestyle at our core we both have quite different reasons for packing our bag and leaving the quiet comforts of family and home.

Ryan Nametag

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Ever the little bundle of pessimism, the reason I travel derives from a feeling of discontent.

There’s parts of British culture I love but for the most part I’ve always found myself wanting for something else. An experience separate to what is offered to me at home.

I travel to find little parts of other cultures, to collect them all and put them together to make a way of life that’s better suited to me individually. A life I can live all the time and not just for the few fleeting hours I have to myself on weekends and evenings.

Seeing beautiful places, meeting amazing people, the sights, sounds and smells are all a great windfall but the real driving force is a selfish desire to feel happy and never compromised.

Lauren Nametag

why i travel 2

I travel to avoid normality at all costs. The further I run from office cubicles and rush hour traffic the better.

I travel to replace my ‘normal’ with someone else’s. I trade lives with strangers and collect their stories.

I travel to find beautiful places. I find them when least expect it.

I travel to document the world, through pictures, words and videos.

I travel because I’ve spent too much time scrolling through my Instagram feed and wishing I was ‘that girl’.

I travel because I don’t want to spend my time on Instagram…

I travel because it’s all I want to do, so why would I not?

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