Life on the Road – When You Have to Go Home

Home 4

Unfortunate circumstances at home in England meant that the last week was a strange one. We had to put Lauren on a plane back to England for 10 days to see her family whilst I stayed behind and worked in our new job at the Wilderness Lodge.

Strange because after a year of travelling together neither of us realised quite how dependant we had become on each other. Sure time apart is difficult for most couples but we had barely left each other’s sight in the last 365 days. Factor in the 20,000 KM distance and the 12-hour time zone difference and you can get a bit confounded by isolation.

Kayaking Lake Pedder

Most of the time I was busy with work as the firemen were still fighting the mammoth blazes in Tasmania’s western wilderness. Between work I kept myself as busy as possible, taking a hike up the neighbouring Twelve Trees Mountain for views over the lake and off into the uninterrupted wilderness as well as kayaking out to the many secluded islands on Lake Pedder.

I had always romanticised about living in a place like this. From reading the likes of Kerouac and Thoreau I had convinced myself that an isolated life in the wilderness was the way to go. I’ve not become completely disillusioned by the idea but I certainly realised that I was more of a city boy than I thought. I had an insatiable craving for Chinese food, live music and the general buzz of human life which are all scarce in this part of the world. Still searching for that perfect balance.

 Pedder Wilderness Lodge

Meanwhile, in England…

I ended up booking my flight home just days before my departure. I only let my sister know of my last-minute decision so the look on the rest of my family’s faces when I turned up on the doorstep was worth the 30 hours in the air.

I spent the week catching up with family, marvelling at how the cold managed to actually get inside of my bones and eating my body weight in scotch eggs.


Sure, the circumstances surrounding my visit weren’t great but it was amazing seeing my family (and my cat) after exactly a year away. 10 days wasn’t nearly enough time to fit in visiting friends or day-tripping to London but another holiday home is on the cards sometime this year.

I will probably write a more useful piece about why I had to go home but at the moment I don’t have the right words, so bear with me on that one.

Home 2

But now, I’m back in Australia and slipping back into everyday life, but more on that next week!

Have you ever had to make a last-minute trip back home? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media pages!