Sounds from Australia – Melbourne

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard1

When we started this travel blog we wanted to highlight more than just the incredible destinations we visit. The cultural fragments that we collect on our journey are more important than any other memento of a place we have visited.

The Australian music scene in particular has taken us by storm in the year we have been living here and is more alive and vibrant than you might be led to believe at home. Although the influences are overwhelmingly European and American, in this vast continent they have been chewed up and spat out to create something uniquely Australian. The disillusion, isolation and cultural confusion are all represented in an unabashed emerging scene.

Taking the sheer size of Australia into account we decided to feature artists from Australia’s major cities; Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. Each city and region expresses itself differently and we want to showcase how the city and space is irrevocably important to the artist and their music. And where better to start than the city that most feels like home…

King Gizzard

Where: Melbourne – The cultural capital of Australia. A cosmopolitan city with creativity at its core. Not to be taken on first appearance the city comes alive when explored through side streets, basements and rooftops.   

Who: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

What: Prolific 7-piece band from Melbourne with an absurd name and plethora of influences to boot. Although rooted in psychedelia and garage rock their sound swings from lo-fi to folk, from jazz to heavy metal.

The band are a perfect representation of Melbourne, they are vivacious, colourful and restless. Melbourne is famous for embracing cultures and food from all over the world and in this sense King Gizzard are the embodiment of such a city, borrowing influences from every corner of the musical landscape.

Cities like Melbourne rarely sleep and likewise the band rarely cease putting out new music. Since 2012 they have released an unfathomable 8 albums, each one the embodiment of artistic experimentation and progression.

The thing that makes them so impressive is that despite this fertile yield and constant process of shape shifting the band rarely misfires. Each record is as unpredictable as the last and weaves otherwise dissonant musical styles together effortlessly. Most bands wear their influences on their sleeve but very few are able to dedicate an entire record to each one without losing sight of originality and credibility.

Recommended Tracks:

  • Sense (Paper Mâché Dream Balloon)
  • Hot Wax (Oddments)
  • Dead-Beat (Willoughby’s Beach)
  • Gamma Knife (Single)

A good overview of their discography to start with but they are one of those bands you have to take the time and effort to explore fully!

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