Life on the Road – All in a Day’s Work

Australia Fave 3

This week was a knuckle down and work week at Pedder Wilderness Lodge. The weekend saw us play host to the annual Lake Pedder fishing competition, an event which draws in a full-house at the lodge with fishermen and women camping in every available spot around the largest lake in Australia.

Originally scheduled for the Australia Day weekend but postponed due to the wildfires, the usually calm waters of Lake Pedder were alive and dotted with boats searching the depths for trout.

Keen to be as involved as possible during our final few weeks at the lodge, we signed up for as many hours as we could. We talk a lot about the lodge on this blog, but realised we hadn’t really explained what we actually do here. So here’s how a typical day at work looks for us.

Pedder Wilderness Lodge 2
Home sweet home!

5.30am – Lauren wakes up. We have recently moved from one of the hotel rooms to one of the house in the village of Strathgordon (population 15). The 5-minute stroll to work is eerie at this time of day, with the early morning mist rolling in from the lake and wallabies bouncing out at you from the shadows.

Pedder Wilderness Lodge

6am – Lauren starts work. This involves opening up the lodge, cleaning up and preparing for guests checking in and out.

7am- Guests start arriving for breakfast. Lauren gets to practice her fledgling barista skills.

10am – Breakfast finishes and Ryan emerges. Recently we have become the ‘odd job’ couple, cleaning windows, chopping firewood and weeding the courtyards. Now Lauren is on reception duty, Ryan tackles the handy-man jobs solo. Today there’s painting to be done and flower beds to woodchip.

Pedder Wilderness Lodge3

3pm – After a steady stream of lunchtime visitors, we both clock off for the afternoon. We spend our free time exploring the area, hiking a new trail or taking the kayaks out on the lake. If we’re feeling healthy we will make the most of the gym and pool facilities, both of which we often have all to ourselves.

lake pedder 2

6pm – Ryan begins the evening shift, waiting tables and tending the bar. Lauren keeps the bar propped up, making the most of the Wi-Fi when she’s at it (the connection doesn’t reach the houses in the village!).  We will often google the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) forecast, as you can often see the lights over the lake. Unfortunately, we are yet to spot them, but we’re not giving up hope yet!

11pm – Time for bed! After a long exhausting day, it’s back to the house to watch re-runs of Peep Show or read our magazines (crazy, I know!) Then it’s time to set the alarms and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!

chalet 10
The view from work

Our routine changes day to day but the slight variation at least keeps it interesting. It is easily the most enjoyable work we have had so far in an incredible place that would otherwise have stayed hidden from us.

In just a couple of months we’ve catered for masses of firemen, television crews, streams of day-trippers, fleets of fishermen and are currently hosting a dance music festival!

What does your daily routine look like? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media pages!