Snap of the Week – Week 5

Snap of the week 5

This week’s snap is from back on the open road! We are back to being happily unemployed, having no timeframes, no ties and the whole of Australia waiting for us to get lost in.

It also spells our final couple of days in Tasmania, a little pocket of the world we will always hold close and doubtless return to one day.

We are spending our last days in the island state ticking off the rest of our Tasmanian bucket-list. This week’s snap was taken after a day spent hiking in Cradle Mountain National Park. It had been wet and cold all day but when driving back through the mountains the late afternoon sun finally broke through. As we were passing the majestic Mt Roland (Ryan’s favourite Tassie mountain, no less!) we just had to stop and soak up the view.

Mt Roland was one of the first mountains we saw when we arrived in Tasmania over two months ago. In the orange glow of the dying sun, it seemed to be tempting us back into the wilderness we had come to love, away from the city lights we are about to start chasing on the east coast.

This is what we love so much about living on the road, the freedom to stop and appreciate your surroundings and being free to come and go on a whim. However much the wilderness still calls, it’s time for a change. East Coast, we’re coming for ya!

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Snap of the week 5