18 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tasmania Right Now!

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We quickly fell in love with Tasmania, a love affair which is familiar to most who make the journey over the Bass Strait to Australia’s island state. In the two months we spent living and working in Tas, we came to know the state well and fell even more head over heels. Here’s 18 reasons why you should visit Tasmania and fall in love with it just like we did!

The weird and wonderful animals. Tasmania is home to a whole host of strange animals, most of which can only be found in Tasmania. Our favourites were the Bettong and Duck-Billed Platypus (arguably the island’s most famous resident after the Tasmanian Devil).

Bettong Tasmania
Our mate, Billy the Bettong!

Great free camp spots. We rely on cheap or free camp spots to accommodate us as we travel around Australia. A lot of the free spots we stay in are simply rest stops along busy roads, but in Tasmania most of the free spots we came across were as lovely and well equipped as some of the paid sites we’ve stayed in. Tasmania is a camper’s paradise!

How it reminded us of home. Tasmania is the most British looking place in the whole of Australia. Eerily so. There were often times when we’d pass through villages or landscapes and instantly feel like we were back on home soil but in a weird parallel universe. The quaint little town of Hamilton brought the strongest comparisons with its cute coffee shops and English style gardens.

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It’s complicated history. Australia doesn’t have much going for it in terms of modern history so history buffs lose it when they reach Tasmania. With Hobart’s elegant early 19th century buildings, the convict sites at Port Arthur, Strahan and many other remote outposts, there’s so much to learn about Tasmania’s European beginnings. Robert Hughes’ The Fatal Shore is essential reading before a trip.

The abundance of walks and hikes. We love a good hike and Tasmania had us spoilt for choice. We could pick from the 60 Great Short Walks, get lost for a day in a National Park or simply stop at the side of the road where walks are often signposted. There’s hikes to suit any ability and you often have trails all to yourself!

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It forces you outside. Tourists come to Tasmania to witness the unique landscape and scenery (and to tackle the walks I mentioned above). Time spent indoors is time wasted so no matter what the weather, you suck it up and get outside. Ryan and I have never been so active in our lives. We would kayak in our lunch breaks, hike at weekends and simply revel in being outdoors and surrounded by some of the best landscapes we have ever seen.

Mount Wellington Lookout

Twilight Markets at Sandy Bay. After a warm day, there’s no better place to be than the Twilight Market. Grab some fresh food and a glass of wine and spend the evening listening to talented buskers entertain the crowds with beautiful Sandy Bay as a backdrop.

Eating at D’Angelos. Arguably the best Italian restaurant in Tasmania, Hobart’s D’Angelos is a local favourite and gets booked up quick! Reserve a table and stuff your face with heavily loaded pizzas, prosecco and desserts the size of your head. Join the distinguished rank of patrons which include the likes of Nick Cave and Alessandro Del Piero!

Hobart Harbour
Hobart Waterfront

Strolling through Hobart. We were surprised with how much we enjoyed Hobart. With a reputation for being a sleepy, boring town Hobart is anything but! The historic quarters of Salamanca Place and Battery Point are beautiful, the harbour-side bars and restaurants buzzing and there’s an increasing amount of quirky cafes and shops popping up. Top it all off with a visit to crowning jewel MONA and you have a sophisticated city break!

How untouched the wilderness is here. The wilderness in Tasmania is truly wild. We were surrounded by land almost completely unexplored by humans when we lived in the South-West and a lot of Tasmania is the same. In a world where we know and have explored almost every inch of earth and space, it’s refreshing to be surrounded by the unknown – if not a bit unnerving at times!

Australia Fave 3
Wild and wonderful Lake Pedder

Finding unexpected beauty everywhere. In Tasmania, every turn in the road is followed by jaw-dropping scenery from staggering mountain ranges to crystal clear waters. After ticking off popular favourites, chuck out the guidebook and explore for yourself. So much of Tasmania is overlooked and the best places are often off the beaten track.

The opportunity to see the Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights). If you are in Southern Tasmania, keep tabs on the lights forecast. If the sky is clear and the forecast shows a 5 or above, then chances are you will be lucky enough to glimpse the natural phenomenon.

The abundance of great local and artisan produce. Tasmania is quickly becoming known for its fantastic local produce. Sample local seafood, cheeses, honey and fruit & veg prepared at great local cafes, restaurants, markets and roadside stalls.

Cascade Brewery
The Cascade Brewery

High quality whiskey, gin and wine. We were surprised with the quality of Tasmanian brewed liquors. Sullivan’s Cove whisky was recently awarded the accolade of the world’s best single malt with the likes of Lark, Nant and Hellyers following suit. If you’re after another local refreshment reach for 40 Spotted, a rare Tasmanian gin or any Pipers Brook or Ninth Island wine. Beer lovers, head to Australia’s oldest brewery Cascade. The beer is average but the brewery is something special.

The greenery! After the dry scrubland of the Australian mainland, the green hills and lush forests of Tasmania were a welcomed sight. Sure, it might mean that it rains a little bit more, but to see a landscape so alive and colourful is worth the trip alone!

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The weather isn’t as bad as everyone says. Sure, it might rain a tad and the mountains might get a bit chilly but the summer here is glorious with long, warm days and autumn and spring are mild, bringing even more colour and vibrancy to the wilderness. Winter is pretty miserable still though…

Amazing Air BnBs. We’ve been on record multiple times expressing our love for Air BnB and Tasmania’s offerings are something else. Choose from cosy treehouses, mountain chalets, converted churches, even wagons straight out of the wild west! Tasmania has recently experienced a tourism boom and traditional accommodation struggles to keep up with the demand with room rates soaring. Choosing to stay in an Air BnB means that you can stay in a truly unique property, often at a much cheaper price!

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Air Bnb Treehouse 1

It has it all! Tasmania boasts mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, farmland, forests – basically every type of scenery you could ever want. Unlike mainland Australia, you don’t have to travel for days before the scenery changes, in Tasmania you could be nestled in the mountains in the morning and sunbathing on a stunning beach in the afternoon.

So there you have it, 18 reasons why you should visit Tasmania. This little island is no longer the hidden secret it once was, so get here soon before the world finds out what a gem this place is!

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