Snap of the Week – Week 6

snap week 6

The horror. You’re stranded in a vast foreign land, camped out in the remote bush an hour away from the nearest hospital and disaster strikes. You’ve set up camp for the night and the two-hour round trip would be out of the question. What do you do? Where do you turn? The horror.

But fear not weary traveller for although this story has all the elements of a blood curdling chiller, the ending is happy.

We found ourselves in such a position this week whilst camping on the valley floor of the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales. After setting up camp and filling our bellies, Ryan set about building a fire. Whilst moving a charred piece of timber he found himself in an episode of minor peril as loose bits of bark invaded his right eye.

We tried flushing his eye and rigorously scanned it for any sign of an alien body but to no avail. But as any good doctor will tell you the best cure for anything is to ignore it and sleep it off. Everything will be alright in the morning.

Morning came but there was no relief for our weary hero, so we packed up the car and headed for the nearest hospital. After a two hour wait in A&E, Ryan returned from the doctor’s room victorious, clutching a cotton wool bud. A trophy of his triumphant struggle.

And with this rather convoluted story my friends we bring you our snap of the week. A trophy of the strife we sometimes face travelling in these distant lands and a symbol of the traveller’s spirit and his ability to overcome.

Eye Trauma

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