Sounds From Australia – Brisbane


Every other week we are featuring a new artist that we have discovered since living in Australia. Having previously featured artists from Melbourne and Sydney this week the spotlight falls on Australia’s third city, Brisbane.

Basking in year-round sunshine and acting as an epicentre for Australia’s tourist industry, the city really has everything. Although it has a lot of catching up to do before it ranks amongst Sydney and Melbourne it’s certainly a city on the rise. Evidence of this lies in a real emerging art and music scene in the city which is constantly churning out promising artists by the proverbial bucket load.

Where – Brisbane. Australia’s third city and the entry point for the Australian Tropics. An emerging city culture with a burgeoning music and art scene. Blessed with eternal sunshine and unending blue skies.


Who – Good Boy

What – Breezy indie outfit hailing from Queensland’s capital. With their debut EP No Love For Back Home released earlier this year they are in the early stages of establishing their own sound. And the tracks on this EP make a cracking start. They make exactly the kind of music you would expect from a band living in Brisbane. It’s light and breezy indie pop executed magnificently.

It’s a perfect soundtrack for long days driving down sun-kissed highways or hazy afternoons spent on the beach. The kind of music that demands that time itself slow down and keep pace with it. The tracks are driven by jaunty bass riffs which drive the melody allowing the rhythm guitar and drums to glide effortlessly in the spaces between. Waste Days or Ease Your Temper is a perfect example of how much a good bass line can open up a song.

Beyond the playful arrangement of the instrumentation there’s also a depth to the lyricism which is often missing from most bands who fall into the breezy indie-pop category. Transparency touches, although a little naively, on political disillusion and distrust and the title track picks up on that most universal of realisations; that you might have outgrown the town of your youth.

Good Boy are a band doing something genuinely interesting within the sphere of indie music. In their instrumentation and their lyricism. And above all else they are unforgivably Australian sounding. A maxim for their sound can perhaps be found at the end of Green Dress, “take a swig of my beer, take a load off my back”.

Recommended Tracks:

Higher (No Love For Back Home EP)

Waste Days or Ease Your Temper (No Love For Back Home EP)

Transparency (No Love For Back Home EP)

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