Life on the Road – The Perfect Australian Proposal

Australian Engagement

A week into our new jobs and we’ve settled begrudgingly back into routine. It’s a few months of keeping our heads down and getting the bank balance back in order. The holiday (for the most part) is over for now.

We’ve been placed in the same job again and even have desks next to each other, as if we might suffocate without the other around to keep us breathing. Beyond our inseparability the job itself is mind numbingly dull but leaves our minds free to roam as we plan and save for the next part of our adventure.

Outside of work during the week we kept it fairly low key, a few trips to the city and nearby West End. We were saving our money and energy for the forthcoming weekend and the visit of a certain German couple who have become like family to us in Australia.

The boys and their flannel hats...
The boys and their flannel hats… #Straya

It’s been almost exactly 6 months since we left our farm work in Western Australia but it was here that we spent 3 gruelling and back-breaking months with fellow German backpackers Tom and Gina. Neither couple would have made it through the 16 hour days and unstoppable flood of calves if it weren’t for the other and as people tend to do in extreme circumstances we became very close.

We didn’t end up crossing paths again during our further travels but made a pact to meet again before either of us left. So , days before their flight home to Dresden, Gina and Tom flew out to Brisbane to meet us.

We booked ourselves into an apartment in the city for the weekend. A far cry from the filthy ‘donger’ we had shared whilst living and working on the dairy farm in Margaret River!

After we had settled into the apartment, Tom ushered us aside and delivered the news that he was planning a spontaneous proposal before the weekend was over! We had our suspicions that this might be the case and felt genuinely blessed that we were going to be a part of it.

Eat Street

Keeping our lips sealed we headed North-East to Brisbane’s Eat Street Market in Eagle Farm. Agreeing that money was no issue for such a special weekend we gorged ourselves on almost every stall the markets had to offer.

We grazed on Hungarian Langos, Chinese Dumplings, Japanese Okonomiyaki, a mountain of candyfloss, chocolate dipped strawberries and washed it down with a generous lashing of craft ale and wine.

Pancake Breakfast

The next day we woke up to a breakfast of home-made pancakes slathered with every topping imaginable. As we scoffed through stacks of pancakes we planned our day, a trip to Springbrook National Park with a sneaky proposal on the side!

Springbrook NP

With the excitement of the looming engagement almost tangible, we drove an hour and a half out of Brisbane to the beautiful Springbrook National Park.

We drove along in the brilliant sunshine, looking out over vast pastoral valleys and towering temperate rainforests, stopping for walks beneath the thick canopy of trees or to take in beautiful views over the valley floor.

At every stop we were anticipating the proposal so kept scurrying off ahead much to the bewilderment of Gina.

Springbrook NP

After a quick lunch we stumbled across the perfect spot. Walking along a cliff edge in the late afternoon sun we came across a picture perfect bridge. It sat over a small waterfall which cascaded to the valley 200 feet below and incorporated views out to the Gold Coast and Pacific Ocean.

Springbrook NP 2

After passing the bridge once we turned around and let Tom whisk Gina away ahead. We hid in the bushes completely oblivious to what was being said or whether it had happened until we heard Gina yelp with joy.

We emerged from the bush with Champagne and glasses to hand and did an impromptu photo shoot with the happy couple!

Australian Proposal 3

Australian Proposal 2

Australian Proposal

Giddy with happiness and champagne, we skipped back to the car and whizzed back to the city. Tom had made reservations at Moo Moo, the happy couple’s favourite restaurant from a previous trip to Brisbane and coincidentally fitting considering our shared dairy experience… After sprucing ourselves up we headed out to the posh restaurant for a night of celebration!

Since we have been trying to save our pennies in Australia, restaurants like Moo Moo have been strictly off the menu. But after the beautiful day and exciting engagement we turned a blind eye to our bank balances and began by propping up the bar.

Moo Moo Bar

We chose a delicious cabernet from Margaret River to have with our meal and began with a glass of the restaurants home-brewed beer.

Moo Moo

We were led out to the gorgeous balcony and perused the impressive menu in the balmy evening. Drooling, we went all out ordering a table full of starters which were incredible.


The cutest gravy pot!
The cutest gravy pot!


The highlight was the kobe beef flash fried at the table but the crispy karange chicken, crusty buns with gravy, rich carpaccio and creamy mac n’ cheese were delicious and full of flavour.

After a few more glasses of wine it was time for the main event, Moo Moo’s Signature dish- a 1kg hunk of spice rubbed Wagyu rump served with every trimming imaginable.

Moo Moo Signature

Every bite was accompanied with appreciative eye-rolls and excited chatter. The food was unbelievable!

And why stop at the mains? Bring on dessert! Especially fudge soaked, chocolatey, cakey goodness. We finished off by toasting the happy couple and making our plans for our next rendezvous.

Dessert Moo Moo

The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect and we were so sad to see Tom and Gina leave. But with imminent plans on the horizon we knew it wouldn’t be long before our paths crossed again…

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