Snap of the Week – Week 14

snap of the week cover photo

With our weeks entirely consumed with work, the only chance we get to explore Brisbane’s surrounds is on our weekends and this weeks snap comes off the back of a particularly good one.

Despite it officially being winter here in Australia now, it’s certainly not winter as we know it. And this weekend the Sunshine State blessed us with exactly the kind of weather it’s famous for.

After a week of being bound to a desk and computer we decided to head up to the Sunshine Coast with our good friend Iain for a bit of sun and surf.

Our last trip up the Sunshine Coast was relentlessly dreary so it was especially nice to get back up there and see it in all its glory. Clear blue skies and a good swell made for a perfect winters day. After spending the last few weeks in the city working it was a nice to reignite a small spark for adventure and remind ourselves of why we’ve enjoyed living here so much.

After slow progress the last few times we had been surfing Ryan decided to try the big step up to a fibreglass board. Unlike the foam boards these are a lot harder to balance but way easier to manoeuvre out on the break… in theory.

Here’s Ryan walking the walk imminently before failing to talk the talk out on the waves.

snap of the week surfing

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