Life on the Road – The Most Unique Airbnb Yet?


We are highly unorganised travellers. We like to pretend that it’s due to our whimsical spontaneity and adventurous nature – but in reality we are just a bit lazy! When you are slow travelling like we are, planning out every day seems unnecessary and time-consuming, especially when the beach is calling…

This technique has been great when we are bopping around the country but moving to a new city really does require some planning. Our move to Brisbane was supposed to be planned to perfection, unlike our shambolic scrabbling move to Melbourne at the beginning of our trip. Now we were experienced Australian travellers with all the necessary skills to walk into a ready-made life in the city. But, did I mention we were lazy?!

We were lucky with getting jobs in the city but finding a longer term apartment was another story. Brisbane is packed full of well priced apartments but without a sizeable deposit and an upcoming trip on the horizon, our options were limited dramatically.

This is where Airbnb steps in!

Airbnb has been our lifeline as slow travellers. It’s cheap, you can meet some awesome locals and stay in some beautifully unique properties. This week’s Airbnb was possibly one of the most unusual of all…

We have already shared a sneak peek in last week’s Snap of the Week but here’s the full tour of our nautical home.

Snap of the week 13

Welcome to Shiphouse.


Staying at Shiphouse enabled us to live out all our self-build, mini-project dreams with the property being a testament to unique design and small space renovation (George Clarke would be proud!)

The ship structure was built over 3 days and houses two spacious bedrooms. Our cabin looked over the kitchen and was accessed by a ladder which is always a winner in our books.



The apartment is one long room, dominated by the ship structure. Ryan particularly enjoyed being able to skateboard from the sofa to the kitchen whenever he needed to stretch his legs.


When Ryan was busy falling off his board, I was lusting after the sweet finishing touches dotted around the space. From a kitchen filled with climbing succulents to homemade origami and nautical bric-a-brac. Shiphouse was a Pinterest dream.



Check out our previous Airbnb posts and try it for yourself. It’s the best way to explore a new city without breaking the bank. Staying here was cheaper than staying in a dorm room and was one of the most unusual stays we’ve had yet.

Sometimes it pays to be disorganised!

If you want to try out Airbnb for yourself then sign up here and get $35 off your first stay.

Would you stay in Shiphouse? Let us know via our social media pages!