Snap of the Week – Week 16

Snap of the week 16

We love city living, but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt travelling it’s that we also love a balance. With a couple of months of urban exploration under our belts, it was time to burst out of our Brisbane bubble and discover what else Queensland has to offer.

Enter North Stradbroke Island, a slice of paradise floating 30km from Brisbane city. We woke up early and hopped on a ferry which whisked us off to another world.

Under bright blue skies, we spent the day exploring the island and getting burnt. We walked the popular North Gorge Walk and ate our picnic as whales, dolphins and turtles frolicked in the crystal waters. It was unreal.

After spending the day excitedly pointing at the waves as pods of dolphins splashed past or desperately trying to photograph the elusive sea turtles, we started to make our way back to the ferry port.

But good ol’ Straddie wasn’t done with us yet. To top off the day, Stradbroke provided the most amazing sunset with the calm waters acting as the perfect mirror for the melting sun.

We sat on the beach and watched the sun slip behind the mainland mountains. As the sun’s dying embers lit up the silent water, a small pod of dolphins popped up to watch the view.

Straddie was seriously spoiling us now!

So, this week’s Snap of the Week has to be this #nofilter shot of that incredible sunset (keep your eyes on Instagram for many more…). If you have fabulous eye-sight then you might be able to spot one of the curious dolphins in the right-centre of the snap.

If you fancy planning a tropical city escape of your own then keep your eyes peeled, we will be publishing a guide to Straddie in the coming weeks!


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