Snap of the Week – Week 17

snap of the week piglet

If I had to list the things I love most in the world, I’m pretty confident piglets and festivals would be near the top of the list. So, imagine my joy when the two collided at Tenerife Festival this weekend!

Ryan and I were strolling through the sprawling festival which spread through the elegant streets of upmarket Tenerife. The festival was packed with food stalls, live entertainment and pop-up bars which were buzzing with revellers lazing in the winter sun.

Turning into one of the side-streets we stumbled across a massive crowd of wide-eyed Brisbanites.

Naturally intrigued we pushed our way through the throngs and came face-to-face with a pen full of adorable piglets dressed in coloured jackets.

As we moved closer, we realised that the piglets weren’t just standing around looking cute – they were about to race!

The gate opened and the piglets burst out, charging around the mini assault course as the crowd went wild. Bets had been placed and the stakes were high.

After a nail-biting final hay bale leap, the red pig reigned supreme!

Only in Australia, eh?

Snap of the week piglet race

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