Snap of the Week – Week 18

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When you first move to a new city the CBD is the inevitable place to start your exploration – as it was ours when we arrived in Brisbane. Yet, with the passing of time and an expanding insider-knowledge your interest slowly gravitates towards offbeat suburbs and local hidden gems.

A lot of the time CBDs can feel like identikit versions of each other. Brisbane has the flashy malls, old museums and double-decker bus tours just like most cities around the globe. When you live in the city, the CBD often has a reputation for being soulless and is consequently rejected in favour of the more colourful quarters of town.

We had fallen into the habit of neglecting the CBD after our first few weeks in Brisbane but decided to break with tradition for a Sunday ramble in the shadow of the city’s skyscrapers.

With camera in hand we took our time as we admired the buildings we had overlooked; hidden churches fringed by swaying palms, relics of Brisbane’s colonial past and modern towering skyscrapers.

Taking the time to find and frame pictures enabled us to take a closer look at the architecture of the CBD and refresh our appreciation for our adopted home.

With a loaded travel itinerary looming (more on that soon…), this was one of our last forays into the city for a while. The early 20th century Corbett Chambers caught our eye, sat unassuming at the base of flashy high-rises.

Further Googling revealed that the building was once a meeting place for corporate travellers to drink and dine during visits to Brisbane. A fitting contrast of the corporate world then and now and a hidden treasure we would have otherwise missed.

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