Snap of the Week – Week 19


The dreary weather that accompanied this weekend took us somewhat by surprise. With grey clouds covering the usually brilliant blue skies and persistent downpours of drizzle rolling in, we had to make the most of the sporadic dry spells.

We’d already decided we wanted at least one day by the beach and opted for the wetter of the two days for this particular activity. A kind of British masochism of wanting to look at a beautiful beach and just wish the weather was better so we could actually make use of it.

But for Sunday we headed down to the Regional Flavours Festival. The festival is a  part of a bigger month-long celebration of food culture in and around Brisbane called Good Food Month.

This particular festival focused on, you guessed it, local produce. From wine to gin, homemade beef jerky to locally grown fruit and veg, there really was a market stall for just about anything.

The rain held off for most of the time we spent at the festival. And although there was no sunshine, these little orchids brought a bit of brightness to the day.

regional festival

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