Tenerife Festival – The Best $2 Festival in Brisbane?


Brisbane explodes with festivals during the cooler months. The temperate winter days lend themselves perfectly to long afternoons spent eating, drinking and exploring the diverse range of free and cheap festivities on offer. Tenerife Festival is one of the best. 

Taking over the wealthy streets of Tenerife, the festival bustles in the shadow of the suburb’s converted colonial buildings which provide a beautiful setting for the throng of stalls and street-side entertainers.


The day promised to be filled with food, beer and Brisbane’s musical talents spread out over 3 stages.


We paid our $2, grabbed a map and dived in.


The streets were bustling with families, couples and groups of friends all eagerly eyeing up the food stalls or relaxing in the sunshine with drinks in hand.

We followed a particularly enthusiastic crowd and emerged to one of the weirdest sites we’ve seen.

Piglet racing…


Snap of the week piglet race

I’ve already described just how weird this event was in a previous Snap of the Week. The crowd was lapping it up, cheering, jostling and placing bets on the outcome of the race.

It was incredibly bizarre and ridiculously cute. Oh, Queensland.


With the excitement of the Piglet Race over and the smells and smoke from the food stalls thick in the air, we followed our growling tummies along the promenade.

After heated debates and the inevitable to-ing and fro-ing which accompanies any food-based decision, we settled on sharing a Greek platter stuffed with meat, pita, salad, chips and halloumi slathered with tzatziki.


We escaped the crowds and settled down on the riverbank to devour our Greek feast as music from the floating River Stage wafted in the air.

We decided to tap-out of the festival for the rest of the afternoon and return for the evening events.

tenerife fest 5

We rejoined the festivities just as the sun was setting and the crowd was gearing up for a party.

We grabbed a beer and joined them, finding a patch of grass in front of the River Stage to wile away the evening.

tenerife 4

tenerife fest 6

The best thing about the Tenerife Festival was the evening musical line-up. Brisbane-based The Belligerents took the headline slot and our recent favourite live-act Dan Kelly warmed up the crowd as the stars came out.

tenerife fest 7

When the acts were over, we joined some friends and followed the merry revellers on one last loop of the festival.

tenerife 3

The Tenerife streets looked even better illuminated and accompanied by the sound of DJs and dancing crowds.

tenerife fest 1

tenerife 2

With the festival winding down we headed off into the dark depths of Brisbane to continue our night. Tenerife Festival had been a fantastic day out and it was hard to believe that we had seen both Dan Kelly and The Belligerents for $2!

Brisbane, we love you.

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