Snap of the Week – Week 22

Snap of the week 22

If there’s one thing us Brits are known for – aside from posh accents and an appreciation of a decent queueing system – it’s our eccentricity.

We love an inappropriate village name (who can beat Scratchy Bottom in Dorset…), age-old traditions like Morris Dancing and we can’t turn down a weird and wonderful festival.

That’s where this week’s Snap of the Week comes in.

Hosted in the tiny village of West Dean on the south coast of England, I stumbled upon the annual Chilli Fiesta. A celebration of everything- you guessed it- chilli and Latin inspired.

From the car park attendants inappropriately adorned in sombreros and shaking maracas to flamenco dancers and samba drummers taking to the stage, you couldn’t help but feel a million miles away from the typical English surrounds.

The perfect example of true British uniqueness and this week’s photo looks like something straight out the pages of a fairytale!
snap of the week 22 1

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