Snap of the Week Special – Brighton Pride 2016

Brighton Pride 3

Brighton Pride has always been one of our favourite events of the year so we were overjoyed to find out that we had timed our visit home with this year’s celebrations.

But we couldn’t narrow it down to a single picture for this week’s featured snap. So instead we decided to put together a series of all our favourite snaps from this years celebrations and all the wonderful people that make it such a special day.

Brighton Pride 2

Brighton Pride is essentially one big carnival throughout the streets of the city. During the day a massive parade of rainbow coloured floats and their even more colourful passengers flood through the city to blaring music and excited crowds.

Brighton Pride 1

The parade finishes at Preston Park where the official Pride celebrations take place. This is a paid event which we have been to before and decided to skip this year in favour of making our own fun.

Brighton Pride 4

There’s no shortage of colour in the city on the day regardless of the weather.

Brighton Pride 5

Pride-friendly Jesus was one of our favourite floats of the day! A real nice touch, made all the more special by the church members holding signs that read “God thinks you’re fabulous!” – love all around.

Brighton Pride 9

Brighton Pride 10

The temperature steadily rose throughout the day, resulting in a very sweaty and sunburned crowd…

Brighton Pride 8

Brighton Pride 11

Brighton Pride 6

We are lucky enough to have friends who live in the centre of Brighton and used their apartments as bases for the day. This provided the perfect respite from the crowds and midday heat!

Brighton Pride 7

Brighton Pride 12

This above photo is my favourite of the day. It’s Brighton Pride in a nutshell and sums up why we love this city and this festival so much.

It’s colour, it’s love and it’s Brighton.

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