Snap of the Week – Week 23

snap 23

First off, we must apologise for our radio silence for the past couple of weeks. It has been very hectic touring the wifi-less Scottish Highlands and then hopping on a 34-hour journey back to Brisbane! But fear not, we are back and working on lots of new content for the coming weeks.

Now it’s time for your long overdue snap and where better to kick things back off than our first Scottish offering.

If you follow us on Instagram then you will be aware of the barrage of Scotland pictures recently (it’s probably not going to stop for a while…)

Scotland was one of the most photogenic places we have ever visited with landscapes unlike any we have seen before.

You could even say they were… magical…

Which brings me to our snap. Yes, the very bridge over which the Hogwarts Express soars over in the films and one of the most beautiful railway bridges in the country.

We managed to miss the Hogwarts Express by seconds (a steam train passes over the bridge twice a day) but still marvelled at the magical construction.

Enchanting, don’t you think?

snap of the week 23 1

Keep your eyes for more Scotland posts coming your way soon! What would you like to know about our trip? Let us know via our social media pages!