Snap of the Week – Week 25

Snap of the week 25

Brisbane, and the state of Queensland in general, often get a bad wrap when it comes to inclusivity. Even in the increasingly cosmopolitan city of Brisbane, there’s still a small-town feel and a lot of the prejudices which often come with it. 

So, when we heard about Brisbane’s Pride Festival this weekend we couldn’t wait to head out and show our support. This excitement was tinged with a strange sense of unease, what would the atmosphere be like? Would the community all be welcoming or would there be protest groups airing their archaic disapproval?

With our most recent pride event being one of the biggest in Europe and in one of the most liberal and LGBTQI+ friendly cities in the world, Brisbane had a lot to live up to…

Luckily, we had nothing to be worried about.

The streets of New Farm were packed with record crowds of revellers, perhaps due to the prominence of the equal marriage ‘debate’ being in Australian parliament right now.

We’ve only ever experienced Pride marches in Brighton previously. A city renowned for being right at the centre of gay culture, where the pride march feels more like a celebration than an act of protest. But now, in Australia and Brisbane more specifically, the march felt a little more pivotal  and reminded us of the importance of days like these when pushing for legal equality.

The parade, led by the roaring engines of lesbian motorcycle club Dykes on Bikes, proudly marched its way from Fortitude Valley right up Brunswick Street to its final destination at New Farm Park.

Amongst the crowd we spotted this little guy looking particularly colourful and showing solidarity for the cause. And don’t worry we spoke to the owner and were assured the paint wasn’t harmful and would wash out later that afternoon!


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