Snap of the Week – Week 28

snap 28

Change is afoot in the Southern Hemisphere. The seasons are changing once again and after a brief spell of what we will reluctantly call ‘winter’, Brisbane is warming up again.

In the height of summer , the humidity can render Brisbane almost unbearable. City workers trudge through the inescapable heat of the city centre, shirts soaked with perspiration. Those less brave dart in and out of air-conditioned spaces to avoid a similar, sweaty fate.

But as we are scheduled to leave Australia in early December we avoid the worst of it and are able to enjoy the endless, balmy days of spring and early summer.

This weeks snap epitomises the changing seasons and the arrival of Spring to South East Queensland and makes promises of a magical summer ahead.

Jacaranda 1

If you’ve been following our social media accounts you’ll be no stranger to the fantastically purple blossoms of the Jacaranda tree. As we speak the Brisbane city-scape is peppered with patches of brilliant purple flowers and it seems that Lauren is hellbent on photographing every single one!

Jacaranda 2

It seems like hardly a minute goes by where I don’t lose Lauren’s attention, only to look back and catch her gaze, transfixed on some distant streak of purple foliage.

Jacaranda 3

So as these wonderful trees seem to be the driving force behind our existence right now, it felt apt to feature the things on here too. So without further ado, we present to you the labour of Lauren’s obsession…a photographic ode to the Jacaranda blossom!

jacaranda 1

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