The Best Things We Didn’t Blog About – October 2016

Monthly RoundUp

Welcome to a new monthly series we are running on Flat Earth Magazine! Our weekly blogs only touch the surface of what we’ve been up to, so we’ve decided to dive in a little deeper every month so you can see what travelling and living abroad is really like. 

Places VisitedEumundi (QLD), Noosa (QLD), Melbourne (VIC), Stradbroke Island (QLD), Brisbane (QLD)

The Highs

Eumundi Market.On our recent weekend up to the beautiful coastal town of Noosa, we passed through the quirky town of Eumundi and stopped to sample their famous weekend markets.

The place was sprawling and heavy with incredible handmade crafts and delicious food stalls. Eumundi Market holds the title of Australia’s premier artisan market and it definitely deserves its crown offering everything from handmade cigarette box guitars to old fashioned homemade lemonade.

Eumundi Market

AFL Grand FinalThe second we stepped off the plane in Melbourne almost two years ago, we were told we needed to pick an Aussie Rules Football team if we were to stand a chance living in the city. Being a shameless glory hunter, Lauren went for league toppers Hawthorne whilst Ryan went for the scrappy Western Bulldogs who drew many parallels with to his ill-fated football team QPR.

Nevertheless, the Bulldogs pushed up through the league in two fine seasons which culminated this year with a spot in the Grand Final. We settled down in a dark and dingy bar in Noosa and watched what many called the best grand final in years. The stakes were high, the play was brutal and the mighty Doggies made it out on top!

To celebrate, Ryan bought himself a Western Bulldogs guernsey which I am very reluctant to let him out in public wearing…

Melbourne 12

Live music. Living in Brisbane, we have been slacking when it comes to catching live music. We caught up slightly this month with fantastic shows from the DMAs and Bad Dreems in Melbourne as well as watching an intimate acoustic set from Julia Jacklin at Brisbane’s best record shop Jet Black Cat Music.

We went viral!  Our post 9 Things You HAVE To Know Before Driving the North Coast 500 received an incredible boost of visitors after it was shared on the official North Coast 500 Facebook page. To put it in perspective, the traffic from this one referral tripled our all-time views! Does this mean we’ve made it now…

Perfecting our fitness regime. Both Ryan and I have been very reluctant to take up exercise in any conventional form (who am I kidding, it’s just me who’s fitness-phobic!) until this month when we really started to sort our lives out. We’re going full steam at the gym, taking yoga classes and swimming once a week at the most amazing outdoor pool I’ve visited!

The pool in Fortitude Valley sees Olympic swimmers slice through its waters – and now us! It’s the perfect place to cool off after work and perfect your breaststroke under the shade of palm trees. When we’re not at the gym or pool we’ve discovered the beautiful river walk where we take an amble at sunset. Sounds great, until you get attacked by angry magpies like Ryan did last week!

The Lows

Melbourne Girls

Entering saving mode. Our time working in Australia is scarce and our incredible trip to Melbourne paired with booking our flights to Canada almost crippled us financially. So, we have had to go into hibernation (or at least feel even more guilty whenever we have an accidental splurge) for the rest of our trip. Luckily, beaches and sunshine are free!

Saying goodbye. This month saw us say goodbye to lovely Lydia as she continued on her exciting travels (which you can follow here) and also to Frankie and Joe who are jetting off around the globe. Bon voyage guys!

Most Popular Blog Post 

Obviously this month was a bit of an anomaly, going viral n’all! So firmly at the top spot this month (and most likely forever more) was 9 Things You HAVE To Know Before Driving the North Coast 500

scotland tips 1

We also pressed publish on 6 posts including our winter travel plans, an ask us anything and why Melbourne is our favourite place in Australia!

Most Liked Instagram Photo

This gem of a photo is possibly our most liked ever, let alone for this month! The beauty of Hells Gate in Noosa National Park speaks for itself. We were blessed with bright blue skies and endless sunshine on our visit which made photographing the park a dream.

Noosa NP

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Best in Culture


Book of the month –  Animals: The Autobiography of a Female Body by Sara Pascoe

Society would be a better place if this book was made essential reading. I learnt so much about my own body and mind at the same time as snorting in public at Pascoe’s hysterical anecdotes. I’ve always loved her stand-up and her humour and intelligence translates perfectly to the page. READ IT!

Track of the month – Don’t Let the Kids Win by Julia Jacklin

Something about this song rings so true. It seems to tunnel directly into my own experiences and instantly makes me think of home and my sisters. It feels so familiar and just so beautiful. Hearing her perform it live this month only increased my love for it. Listen to this acoustic YouTube version for extra chills.

Julia jacklin

Film/Television Series of the Month – Frida

 I knew next to nothing about the feminist icon Frida Kahlo which seemed like a gaping hole in my feminist education. This film, with Salma Hayek playing the title role is a fascinating portrayal of Kahlo’s life and made me eager to find out more.

A special commendation also goes to the comedy series Crashing. Having been in Australia when it aired this January, I had never heard of it and quickly binged the whole season. The series is penned by Pheobe Waller-Bridge (whose hit Fleabag is also a must-see). It is set in a disused hospital where the cast of twenty-somethings are acting as property guardians in order to get cheap rent in London. It’s a perfect series to conk out in front on a hungover Sunday.


Book of the Month – A Little History of the World by E.H Gombrich

This is a book that should sit on the bookshelf of every family home. Gombrich, who had previously found international fame with his seminal book and undergrad staple, The Story of Art, decided to write a history of the world that would be accessible to people of all ages. The book is concise but never patronising and offers a sweeping overview of the bloody history of the world and manages to invoke that child-like wonder in the stories of old.

Track of the Month – America by Foxygen

I’ve had this song on repeat obsessively since it first came out. The timing of the song could not be better, it feels like the swan song of the American dream, the death of which has manifested itself in the form of Donald Trump. In this context the song feels absolutely vital. The song jumps through a whole series of American musical tropes, from anthemic fanfare to Broadway swing all the way through to haunting string arrangements before culminating in the lines “If you’re already there/ Then you’re already dead/ If you’re living in America”.

It was made with a 34 piece orchestra and is unlike anything else you’ll hear on the radio today.

black mirror
Still from Black Mirror – Source

Film/Television Series of the Month – Black Mirror

Everyone’s favourite dystopian television drama returned to our screens this month, having recently been bought out by media giant Netflix.

I was really looking forward to the series but it was certainly the weakest yet. This series just continues to tread the familiar ground of past seasons and the writing just doesn’t feel quite as strong. I wondered if Netflix had maybe got too involved and did that typically American thing of gutting British T.V shows and stripping them bare to appeal to “American audiences”.

Or maybe it has just lost its shock value after 3 seasons. It wasn’t without its moments but overall a big disappointment.

Coming up Next Month 

November is our last month in Brisbane (how?!) and so will be a month of organising our Australian lives and tying up all our loose ends in the city. The lease on our apartment is up mid-month so we will be moving into an Air Bnb all whilst trying to shift our car. (If you want a rusting Holden Commodore, we’re your guys). Amongst all this upheaval and commotion we will be squeezing in a final camping trip, our 5 year anniversary (AHH) and plenty of planning for the rest of our adventure!

What have you been up to this month? Let us know via our social media pages!

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