Snap of the Week – Week 29

snap feature 29

After nearly two years in Australia it finally feels like we’ve found our rhythm. We’ve set ourselves up comfortably in Brisbane, have found reasonably paying jobs and spend our weekends exploring the incredible coast line that surrounds the city.

It’s a world away from our harsh, cold winter in Melbourne or the arduous labour of farm work in Margaret River. It took us a while but we found finally found the thing that had inspired us to leave home in the first place. We head out nearly every weekend, either to the coast for some sun and sea or into the hinterland for some bushwalking.

This weekend we combined the two and took a leisurely walk along the headland of Broken Heads which sits about 5 KM south of Byron Bay.

Unlike the famed town just to the north, Broken Heads is relatively quiet. The coastline is pocketed with small, idyllic beaches like the ones in this week’s snap. The headland here really comes alive in Spring. The flowers are in full bloom and on this particular weekend was absolutely littered with mating butterflies. We’ve never seen so many in one place outside of a butterfly garden and despite our best efforts couldn’t capture the sight on camera!

So this little beach shot will just have to do instead.

It was a sobering thought, looking out over this small slice of paradise with the knowledge that in just a few months we’ll be locked into the brutal winter of Toronto, hundreds of kilometres away from any beach. We spent the last year searching for our Endless Summer but it seems it will be ending all too soon.

But for now we’ll just make the most of what is left and revel in the unspoilt paradise.

snap 29

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