Snap of the Week – Week 31

snap of the week 31

As we have been moving our lives back across the globe these past couple of weeks, posts have been a bit scarce (sorry!). We will be back with a vengeance next year but for now, here’s our cutest Snap of the Week to date.

I have been travelling around South Africa in the lead up to the festive period and have spent the majority of my time with family in the beautiful coastal town of Knysna.

We have been packing our days full of incredible adventures and activities, which I will of course divulge in further posts, but today – Christmas Eve – we stayed close to home and visited the local township, or location as they are known here.

We spent the afternoon having a gorgeous meal at a local restaurant and between courses we were entertained by the local kids who flocked to our table, wide-eyed with curiosity and bursting with energy.

I was wary of taking photos, as I wouldn’t take pictures of children at home, but the kids were so interested in my camera that they took it off me and went to take their own pictures!

Here’s what they came back with – there’s some talent in this bunch!

Township 2

Township 3

Township 4

Township 1

Township 5

Hope these cuties have brightened up your Christmas Eve! How are you spending the festive period? Let us know in the comments below!

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