Snap of the Week – Week 32

Snap of the week 32

This week I celebrated turning the creaky, old age of 25. Welcoming my push towards middle-age, I decided to celebrate by filling the day with my favourite things. Pubs, roast dinners and walks. Rock ‘n’ roll.

In the past few years both Ryan and I have fully embraced our love of the countryside and fresh air, racing off into the wilderness whenever we can. Since being back in Britain, we’ve loved exploring the tiny villages and beautiful outdoors we’ve always taken for granted. And roast dinners and cosy country pubs? Well, that’s self-explanatory, right?!

Blackwood Arms

With this in mind and my family in tow, we headed to The Blackwood Arms which toes the fringes of Burnham Beeches, a local beauty spot and the backdrop to many a movie and TV show. After being promised a snug, traditional pub, I wasn’t disappointed.

Burnham Beeches 3

The Blackwood Arms has English charm in bucket-loads, with its roaring log fire, rows of local ales on tap and even hay for passing horses outside – this spot can’t be beaten if you’re after the perfect setting for a couple of British pints.

Roast Dinner

Their Sunday Roasts are on point too and the roast chicken may be some of the finest I’ve ever had. We washed our meals down with pints of ale and topped it off with platefuls of sticky toffee pudding and fruit crumble.

Ready to burst, I declared that we should start marching off some of those calories and we headed into the woods.

Burnham Beeches

Despite visiting Burnham Beeches countless times, I always seem to find something new (and get hopelessly lost). The woods are a maze of ancient trees, hidden ponds and twisting paths, all of which become unrecognisable as the seasons change and the leaves come and go.

Burnham Beeches 1

Unfortunately, the trees in Burnham Beeches don’t sprout any blossom but as the day had an autumnal chill and gloom, the dusting of crisp leaves seemed appropriate – and proved great props for a photo-shoot!

Burnham Beeches 2

As dusk drew in we managed to disentangle ourselves from the forest and head home for prosecco and caterpillar cake. With yet another birthday countryside jaunt planned for this weekend, 25 doesn’t seem so bad at all!

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