Woodland Rambling and a Canada Update!

Bluebell 5

Despite our silence on the blog, a lot has been going on this past month. Time has suddenly become fleeting with massive change and upheaval hovering on the horizon.

That’s because we’ve finally booked our tickets to Toronto and we leave this week!

We purposefully didn’t leave ourselves with much wriggle room, we have been hanging around in the UK for so long now (it will be nearly 5 months!) and had to prise ourselves away before we become too attached. We have loved our time here, being close to family & friends, having a steady income and enjoying the beautiful turn of the seasons has been a pleasure.

But, before we jet off, we always have time for a bit more exploration in our own backyard, and with bluebell season well and truly upon us there are few better ways to end our time at home than with a wander in the woods.

Bluebells 1

We left the frantic planning and unpacked bags behind to enjoy a tranquil ramble around our local bluebell patch.

Bluebell 2

Spring seems to be on steroids this year, we can’t believe how lucky we have been to witness this year’s colour explosion. Hopefully, the same will be waiting for us when we touch down in Canada.

Bluebell 5Bluebell 6

We have been so lucky with the weather this past month (although I am writing this with dark clouds blossoming overhead) and it’s been surprisingly nice to witness the change in seasons. I had loved the endless summers of Australia but there is something about emerging from a brutal winter to the colours and warmth of Spring.

I still don’t think I’m ready for whatever winter brutality Canada has waiting for me though…

Bluebell 7

Bluebell 8
Elegant as ever…

I’ve now procrastinated enough to have polished off this blog post so I should really head back to packing… You would have thought we’d have gotten the hang of this by now!

Bluebell 9

What are your Spring plans? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media pages!

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