The Best Things We Didn’t Blog About – August 2017

Toronto Fisher

Welcome to our monthly series we are running on Flat Earth! Our weekly blogs only touch the surface of what we’ve been up to, so we’ve decided to dive in a little deeper every month so you can see what travelling and living abroad is really like.

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Places Visited: Toronto (ON), Toronto Islands (ON).

The Highs

House and dog sitting. We spent 10 days of our month looking after gorgeous pup Sydney and living it up in the lovely neighbourhood of Riverdale. As well as being able to live in a beautiful house, it was just across the road from the cafe we work at, which made 7am starts and 10 hour days just that bit more bearable!

August 2017

We spent the time staying close to home, taking walks around the neighbourhood and making friends in the dog park. On one sunset stroll in the dog park, we were surprised to see armed police run towards us and even more surprised when they started shouting that there was a shooter in the park! We quickly grabbed Sydney and waited as the police swarmed the park. It was all very surreal and luckily didn’t turn out to be anything serious. Who knew an evening in the dog park could be so dramatic?!

August 2017 1

As well as playing house for 10 days, we also made the most of being in the Riverdale area. Our stay coincided with the famous Taste of the Danforth street festival, the largest street festival in Canada attracting 1.6 million attendees over the weekend. With food and live music galore, we dipped our toes into the festivities but quickly realised that it was all a bit too much for us, deciding to hide in our favourite Danforth bar, The Edmund Burke, instead.

Shakespeare in Withrow Park. Our stay in Riverdale also encompassed the start of Shakespeare in the Ruff in the local park. This year the troop put on a play of Midsummer Night’s Dream and we brought along deck chairs, beer (concealed in water bottles of course) and Sydney to the twilight performance. Despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes, the experience was incredible and we thought a lot more of this performance than last month’s Twelfth Night  in High Park.

Trip to Toronto Islands. After being submerged during the heavy rains in Spring, the Toronto Islands finally reopened to the public this month. We had been itching to visit since we arrived in May so packed up a picnic and took the 10 minute ferry ride from Downtown Toronto to the islands. The islands are known for being a floating resort-esque oasis with killer views of the city.

August 2017 2

Despite us visiting on a dreary, rainy day and unable to make use of the numerous beaches, we still had a great day of walking the length of the island, and fantasy cottage-hunting in the car-free residential areas of Wards Island and Algonquin Island. Oh, and sitting in massive Muskoka Chairs of course…

August 2017 3

The weather! August has given us some of the best weather yet. We’ve seen the sun for most of the month and the last few weeks have seen the relentless humidity begin to fade. It might be signalling the beginning of Autumn, but we are glad for the relief after such a steamy summer!

August 2017 3

Starting to organise our Winter travel plans. Our minds are already turning to the upcoming winter season. Despite our original plan of staying in Toronto for a full year, we can feel the mountains calling and spent August applying for work out West. As well as trying to set up jobs, we’ve also been starting to flesh out some travel to Nova Scotia and Quebec for October. It’s still just pencilled in our diaries at this stage but the wanderlust and excitement over something new has already started to kick in!

Bonobo at the Danforth Music Hall. Touring his newest release Migration around the world, Bonobo made his third visit to the Danforth Music Hall this year and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him again. Beyond the music, Bonobo’s live show is always spectacular. The lighting and artistic visuals make for a sensory experience and despite our seats stuck up in the back rafters of the balcony we both left the show in awe.

The Lows

Lack of adventure. It’s always telling when I sit down to write this post every month how good the month has been. Last month, the words spilled out as we had a jam-packed month with day trips and new adventures galore. This month has been very different and it has been harder to scramble together the ‘highs’ than in any month previously.

It hasn’t necessarily been a bad month by a long shot, but being stuck in the city for the entirety of August and working a crazy work schedule has really started taking its toll. Working 6 day weeks has put our plans of weekend escapes on the back-burner and with the summer days cooling off, we really need a break before we burn out and dip into Autumn.

We knew August was going to be a head-down, saving money sort of month (and it definitely has been that!) so hopefully September will hold our usual dose of excitement and exploration.

Most Liked Instagram Photo

This hazy shot of a chilled our city fisherman took the top spot this month. We took loads of photos on this day as the lighting and haze left over from the morning fog made for some stunning snaps. This one was definitely our favourite and we are glad you liked it too!

Toronto Fisher

Destinations of the Month

We had slim pickings to choose from this very stationary month but a special mention has to go to the charming Toronto Islands for making us feel like we were on a much needed holiday and Riverdale for being so chilled and gorgeous (despite the shooter situation…). Withrow Park in Riverdale has also been a favourite this month, the sunset strolls overlooking the flaming skyline are pretty hard to beat!

Coming up Next Month

Hopefully our work schedule dies down a little and we have an opportunity to get out the city. September marks the start of Fall here in Toronto and the Autumn colours in parts of central Ontario are supposed to be some of the best in the world. Ryan has a long weekend trip to Philly and we’ll be hoping to lock in our plans for a trip to Nova Scotia and our big move out west to the mountains of British Columbia!

What have you been up to this month? Let us know via our social media pages or in the comments below!

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