The Best Things We Didn’t Blog About – January 2018

Nelson BC

Welcome to our monthly series we are running on Flat Earth! As we are awful at updating our blog on a weekly basis, we decided to cram our months abroad into one bumper blog post so you can see what travelling and living abroad is really like.

Recap our previous entries here.

Places Visited: Nelson (BC), Whitewater Resort (BC), Rossland (BC), Red Mountain Resort (BC).

The Highs

Investing in all our ski gear. Finally, finally, we are all geared up to face the season. It took us a while and a wad of cash but we are now the proud owners of all our own gear. We are no longer reliant on the rental shop and can even take ride breaks at work (one of the best perks of the job).

Whitewater 2
Looking fly in ‘vintage’ 90s Helly Hanson thrift shop finds!

Luckily we were able to secure some good deals (and find some bargain thrift shop wear) and invest in skis that will see us through a few seasons at least. I’m yet to fall head-over-heels in love with my Rossingol skis as they are pretty intimidating to a beginner like me but I know that they will see my through my skiing journey!

Ryan’s birthday trip to Red Mountain. Ryan tipped into his late 20s this month so to celebrate we assembled a crew and headed an hour south to Red Mountain Resort in Rossland. As well as being ridiculously excited to ski a new resort, I was itching to leave Nelson and see what lay beyond our surrounding mountains.

Incredibly we hadn’t left Nelson properly since arriving back in late October! It was probably one of the longest stints I’ve spent in one town possibly ever, so I was desperate for a change of scenery.


The drive to Rossland was beautiful and further reinforced how much we love this area and want to stick around as the seasons change. We stopped briefly at McDonalds (one of the highlights of the trip as we are not blessed with a Maccas in little Nelson) before arriving in the cutesy town of Rossland.


Red Mountain Resort is an easy 5 minute drive from the town and provided us with a day of amazing skiing and beautiful views over the mountains and valley below. Despite us visiting on a Friday, the resort was so big and the terrain so varied that we barely saw another skier all day. It was great to spend the day surrounded by new friends and embracing our new-found passion!

A trip to Ainsworth Hot Springs. After a tough day on the slopes we decided to make the pilgrimage to the Hot Springs, a 40-minute drive outside of Nelson. The waters are thought to be healing and it was a regular pit-stop for the Ktunaxa First Nations people after a hard day of hunting and gathering. Now, it’s home to a slightly tacky cowboy style hotel (which seemed a little problematic) but is still a highly regarded place for a soak.

We took a bottle of wine concealed in a water bottle (classic and classy as ever), and dipped into the warm waters. A highlight was bobbing through the underground cave system and giving ourselves brain freezes after returning to the hot waters after a teeth-chatteringly cold visit to the ice-cold plunge pool.

A change of career. Ryan made a move in departments this month, meaning that he will be spending more of his day outside on the mountain and skiing!

After biding his time scanning tickets he finally got moved into Outdoor Guest Services which essentially means shovelling snow from once place to the next. However the job comes with the huge perk of Patrol Sweep, meaning the best part of two hours paid skiing everyday!

The Lows

A visit to the hospital. This was most definitely the stand out moment of the month! One of those moments that was both terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

I managed to take a tumble on the easiest run on the mountain, double ejecting out of my skis and face planting the snow with some force. Feeling dazed and sore with my ego in tatters, I slowly skied my way back down the mountain for a breather in the lodge.

Whitewater 1
Losing my skis seem to be a reoccurring event… This picture was taken after another challenging day on the hill, of which there are plenty!

My neck felt really tender so I went to the first aid room for a heat pack. The second I mentioned my initial dizziness and sore neck the ski patrollers jumped into action and instead of just handing over a heat pack sat me down for a full inspection. Not being able to tell if I had broken a vertebrae or suffered some hidden internal damage they decided that they should call an ambulance and that I needed to go to the emergency room for further tests.

Although I felt fine and felt like this was a massive overreaction, I played along, suddenly worried that maybe I had managed to break my neck or give myself  brain damage.

When the ambulance arrived I was placed on a stretcher and wrapped up like a burrito before being wheeled into the ambulance. Despite my protests that I was more than healthy enough to walk I was made to suffer the very public indignity of being wheeled around by the paramedics to the stifled laughs of my fellow companions. They had realised by then that I wasn’t in any real danger! (At least I hope so…)


I was then carted off to hospital where I was inspected again and had x-rays taken. The final diagnosis was a shocker…


But I suppose it’s always worth being safe than sorry. Claiming this single trip to hospital has already made my travel insurance worth the money and soberly reminded me of its importance. Without my insurance I would have been over $1000 out of pocket. Also, without wearing a helmet, the outcome would have been a lot worse than whiplash. Always protect your noggin folks!

The never-ending sickness. January has been a month plagued with minor illnesses that we just can’t seem to shake. From chesty coughs to headaches and tiredness, we haven’t been the healthiest of humans. This is mainly down to this seasonal lifestyle which seems to be non-stop. From social occasions to skiing, we never seem to rest and the ever lurking presence of FOMO waits after every proffered invitation.

We have stocked up on vitamins and have vowed to take it a bit easier but I think these coughs may be here to stay…

Most Liked Instagram Photo

Shamefully, we only managed to post 2 photos in January! I am not over stating the amount of time we spend at the ski hill, it has really taken over our lives (in the best possible way of course). Because of this – and my nervousness at hurtling down a mountain with our fancy camera – the photos of our Nelson stay have dwindled.

But, I do plan on rectifying that this month, and I finally think I feel brave enough to risk my camera’s well-being and treat it to a trip on the chair lift. For this month though, this New Year’s Day shot of one of the beautiful properties lining Nelson’s lake came out on top.

Nelson 1

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Destinations of the Month

I predicted in last month’s post that Whitewater Ski Resort would grace this list every month until spring. I am yet to be proven wrong.

We are now halfway through our tragically short season here and we are both still loving this skiers paradise. Sure, we loved our trip to Red Mountain Resort this month too but it further reminded us how lucky we were to have ended up at a place like Whitewater and Nelson.

However cringey it sounds (and it makes me shudder to type this) the ‘vibe’ at Whitewater really is unrivalled. The team there is so tight knit and friendly which really makes it a fantastic place to work and visit.

You booked your trip yet?!

Nelson BC

Coming Up Next Month

February already seems way too short after the never-ending void of January. The anxiety of the quickly dwindling season is forever encouraging us to make the most of the mountain and spend every spare second on the slopes. Although, as I’m writing this I’m spending my day off basking in the early spring sunshine in Nelson.

Hopefully we can fit in a little trip or hike this month as the days grow longer and the temperatures peek above zero, but who knows? Surprise us, February!

What have you been up to this month? Let us know via our social media pages or in the comments below!

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