What’s With The Name?

We once thought the earth was flat. A few refused to believe it and ended up crushing everything we thought to be true.

These people journeyed to the edge and just kept going.

At Flat Earth Magazine we are all about going beyond.

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Before we go any further, let us take this opportunity to distance ourselves from the Flat Earth Society, a group of determined denialists who, even to this day, choose to believe the earth is flat. I wish all the best to them on their quest for ignorance but with regards to this particular project their pursuit could not be further from our own…

The name for this magazine is rather a celebration of those who journeyed to the edge of the world to disprove the theory that it was flat. To celebrate the plucky few who voyaged toward possible demise to prove their own theory and offer a more complete world-view.

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We wanted to encapsulate that idea into our own publication.

To celebrate the nomads, the freethinkers and the creatives who are pushing boundaries and exploring the world. To share our story as we attempt to journey further and experience more.

With this publication we wanted to create something that adequately represents the multi-faceted experience of travel. The cities, beaches and National Parks we visit, the music we are listening to and live shows we are attending. The books we are reading and the food we are eating. Notes and observations on the landscape that surrounds us and the cultures that captivate us.

A publication that is both personal to us but also with a greater scope; to encompass all the disparate elements that make travelling such an incredible experience.

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Come with us as we journey to the edge.

We hope you enjoy it.

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