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Lauren Sedgwick

Lauren Nametag

Travel has always been my favourite thing to do, from camping holidays as a kid to my own round-the-world backpacking trip in 2011.

When I’m not travelling (which isn’t very often), I can be found daydreaming about my next destination, scrolling through my favourite travel blogs or simply gazing at a globe. Travel is an obsession for me.

Travelling has allowed me to do so many different things, from bungy jumping in New Zealand, meditating in Bali and swimming with turtles in Barbados. Things I would never have been able to do if I stayed at home.

Ever since my mammoth trip in 2011, I knew that I wanted make travel a priority. Throughout my three years at university I managed to squeeze in multiple trips on my measly student budget, ticking off a girly week in Croatia, a month in China and a handful of weekends in Europe to name a few.

Lauren Collage

So six months after we graduated Ryan and I quit our jobs, packed up our bags and booked a one-way ticket to Australia. We haven’t looked back since.

Living and working on the road in Australia hasn’t all been beaches and kangaroos, but I’m sure that I am 100% happier than if I’d stayed in my 9-5. In this past year alone we have already lived, worked and fell in love with Melbourne, become dairy farmers in Western Australia, road-tripped the length of the country (twice!) and popped in a festive trip to Bali.

At the moment, travel is all we want to do and I doubt there will be a better point in our lives to do it!


Ryan Stonely

Ryan Nametag

For me travel has always been a form of escapism. I hate the idea of becoming complacent and content, I remember crying a lot whenever family holidays came to an end when I was younger. I never wanted it to end.

Before University I took a year out to travel. I ended up volunteering on a conservation project in Nevada, U.S.A and living and travelling around the country in a van for 4 months. I cycled around Europe for 2 months with a group of friends from Amsterdam to Oslo with nothing but a bicycle, a backpack and a tent.

ryan collage

I’ve always loved ‘roughin’ it’. I think I over romanticise the idea of dropping everything and living a transient experience and also never have the money to travel any other way. I wanted to prove to myself that I could live happily with very little as long as I was always meeting new people and having new experiences.

During our 3 years at University we always knew that we would travel once we graduated. Australia seemed the best option as it allowed us to leave sooner and start working and saving in a new country. At the moment we are living out of our car, slowly making our way around the country picking up work where we find it.

It has it’s ups and downs, but as hard as it can be sometimes I never feel trapped and that’s all I really wanted.

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